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Road Trip 2016: Santa Fe & Durango

It’s been 4 months since our road trip, but I haven’t forgotten to share! I was simply letting the experience marinate. Uh huh.

Day 2 of our trip was mostly a driving day through eastern New Mexico. Going from Roswell to Santa Fe, it looked pretty flat, like this:


We listened to the Hamilton soundtrack for these long stretches as the boys slept.

By the time we rolled up toward Santa Fe, it was time for lunch and to run the kids ragged. I found a playground near Santa Fe Railyard, which had been redeveloped for park space. And of course, the boys were very excited to see train cars up close.



We walked around the Santa Fe Historic Plaza before hitting the road again toward Durango. The first two days of driving were pretty unimpressive. However, the closer we got to Colorado, the scenery improved immensely!


Red rocks and mountains in the distance! The weather was getting cooler and crisper too. We even saw snow on the ground as we crossed into Colorado. As we pulled up into Durango, the kids were impressed with the mountains surrounding the town. We passed the Durango-Silverton train station on the way to the Durango Lodge, where we stayed for the weekend. It was the perfect location for us, not having to deal with parking and having so many cute shops within walking.


I booked tickets for the train weeks before our trip. They were still running the winter schedule, which worked out just fine for us with about a 2 hour ride north and 2 hours back. We packed our cooler with lunch and snacks bought at the nearest grocery store.


The train cars have large windows that you can slide up, and if we wanted, we could reach out and touch the mountainside! The train route really hugs the mountain as it makes its great ascent. I’m sure it passes all sorts of safety regulations, but it was crazy how close we were and there wasn’t much give on either side of the track. Then, you’re overlooking a rushing river below. Ahhhh!


Bear Shark slept on the way to the lunch stop, and then the Big Kid fell asleep on the way back. They both enjoyed being on an old school train for the first time, and the husband and I were pretty impressed with the engineering feats that made this train line possible.

At the end of the trip, we stopped in the train museum (which was free) and walked Durango’s historic downtown. The temperatures in April dropped down into the 50s. Wishing for some of that cool mountain air by this time of year.

Next stop was Mesa Verde National Park! Stay tuned…

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