SXSW 2017 PanelPicker: Please vote!

If you’ve got a moment’s break from all of the Olympics action, please vote for my Working Moms Meet Up for 2017’s SXSW Conference. This became a passion issue for me when I found my re-entry into the working world post-baby to be so incredibly jarring. Not only is there a huge adjustment period to parenthood, but when you realize that there is very little support for women returning to work, you feel defeated.

I love this quote from Having It All Kinda Sucks by Amy Westervelt.

I’m leaning so far in I’m falling flat on my face.

This meet up is less about sacrificing to the point of collapse. Instead, it will be a celebration of what we have accomplished – like getting dressed, packing lunches, getting kids to daycare/school and showing up at work to be a rockstar every day. (And maybe giving a side eye to the 20-something-year-old who rolls in late to everything.)

Voting will be open through Friday September 2 (11:59pm CST).
Here’s the link:

You’ll need to create a PanelPicker login (or use the same one from last year). It takes only a moment. Thank you so much for helping to bring this meet up to SXSW! And please spread the word via social media using #SXWorkMoms.

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