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September is National Yoga Month

I love this time of year when the heat of summer starts to dissipate, and schedules become a bit more structured. As a child, I loved getting ready for school again, having my new class schedule and all of my supplies neatly organized. Even though I’m well past back-to-school for myself, September is still a great time to get back to learning, to start in a blank notebook, to push yourself out of the comfortable and begin anew.

With September being National Yoga Month, I want to expose yoga to friends, family, pets, neighbors, Legos, anyone with moving parts! To kick this off,  I’m partnering with Adriana of Jack’s Mom in Austin for two exciting events that I hope you’ll join.

September Instagram Yoga Challenge

Every 5 days, we’ll post a different pose on our Instagram accounts. Join in by sharing your pose, tagging us both (@findingdrishti and @jacks_mom_in_austin) and including the hashtag #ATXYogaChallenge so we can see. Get others to join and make it a group effort!

Here’s where the fun gets kicked up a notch. Every pose you share and tag us on, your name will go into a raffle drawing for a giveaway. You can get an extra entry if your pose is done with a friend, a pet, your kids, your co-workers, anyone who could use a little yoga in their lives! At the end of the month, we’ll draw a winner for a prize package from amazing local businesses that we love.

Six poses, six opportunities to get your entries in. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do these (yet!). Follow us on Instagram, and we’ll post ours the day before. I’ll include alignment cues for each pose. Here’s the schedule:

Sept. 5: Sukhasana, easy pose – known to children as criss cross applesauce
Sept. 10: Bhujangasana, cobra pose
Sept. 15: Adho mukha svanasana, downward-facing dog
Sept. 20: Virabhadrasana I, warrior 1
Sept. 25: Virabhadrasana II, warrior 2
Sept. 30: Balasana, child’s pose

*Entries on Twitter will also count! @findingdrishti and @JacksMomInATX Be sure to tag us so we can see and enter your name into the raffle. 

FREE Yoga + Meditation Class at Dittmar Recreation Center, Sept. 29

To celebrate the month, I’m hosting a FREE class at Dittmar Recreation Center on Thursday, September 29 at 9:30 am. Children are welcome to join, so bring the little ones along. We’ll move and breathe mindfully, then settle down to our mats for guided meditation.

This class will kick off my 10-class Fall series at Dittmar that will run through December 15 (more on this later). You can snag up the full fall session for $100 during the free class.

Got all that? Hope you’ll join us for some – if not all – of the month’s activities!

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