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NaBloPoMo 2016 Edition

The last time I participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) was in 2012, when I first created this site. Four years go by fast! Besides catching up on posts I had intended to share long ago – like the rest of our Spring road trip, HA! – I’ll share bits from my yoga classes, how this yoga teacher thing is going, ways I’m finding yoga pop up in my life, SXSW excitement, parenting, [probably] a little about the election, life after death and whatever else November may offer.

My friend over at Queen of Everything is joining me on this daily blogging ritual. Go check out her blog (and her Etsy shop!) for more reading material.

So, we had a fantastic Halloween over here. Last year, neither of my boys wanted to wear their costumes and go trick-or-treating. They were both fully into it this year, although the Big Kid got spooked watching Ghostbusters (the original) the other night and has been facing a healthy fear of creepy stuff and the dark.

My teaching schedule is keeping me super busy. There are days where I cannot believe that I’m actually doing this yoga teaching thing as my career. This time last year, I had only a couple public group classes and attempted to create my own classes by renting space. There were more than a few freak-outs about whether we could even AFFORD for me to not work a corporate job or what life as a stay-at-home-mom would’ve been like (um… NOT for me).

Now, I feel like I’m in constant hustle mode, dropping off kids, getting cross-town between teaching gigs, planning classes, putting together playlists, emailing, social media-ing, managing the household, etc. I don’t miss the office life, although I do miss having chunks of quiet time to think and work. I’m constantly working now, but it’s amid the chaos of my kids. I can’t just plug in headphones like I used to do at the office, and people would leave me alone. 😉

Speaking of kids not leaving me alone, I have the monumental task every Tuesday of trying to get Bear Shark down for a nap. My kids sleep GREAT for everyone except for us. Hope y’all enjoy these bite size blog updates this month! Leave me Likes and Comments; it makes me feel validated. Haha!

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