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Moments of quiet

Life has felt very chaotic lately. Between juggling family’s schedules, my teaching schedule, my workout schedule, feeding my kids (they are always begging for food) and simultaneously avoiding news while getting sucked down a political rabbit hole, I have very few moments of quiet and solitude. If you saw my calendar, you’d feel overwhelmed with all the overlapping colors and little white space.

Sometimes, I enjoy the chaos. I feel productive. Or at least busy. It makes the end of the day come faster, when I get to crash and the kids are in bed. I seem to always be reaching for more sleep.

This week, I was feeling especially sore and tired. I overdid something that pulled at my hip flexors. My workout days were already off from when I needed gym space (vs. home space), so I gave myself room to embrace open pockets of time. Those open pockets would normally be filled immediately with a long list of errands and household chores, but I chose to let the laundry pile up and take a couple hours to myself.

Yesterday, I *could* have gone to two different yoga classes that I have been wanting to attend, but instead decided to hike the greenbelt. I needed to be by myself in nature. I needed to feel solid ground under my feet and a breeze on my face. The recent rains filled the greenbelt, and water rushed down it like a proper river.

The falls were actually falling! The water levels were high, and there were some damp spots and puddles along the trail. I got there early enough in the day for it to be relatively empty and before temperatures rose too high.

Two hours of hiking, sitting by the water and soaking it all in recharged me in a way that I didn’t even realize I needed.

This morning, I fought my kids tooth and nail to get dressed for school. Apparently, Bear Shark is in a toddler naked phase, and every time I turn around to put pants on him or socks, he’s naked again. We were in a rush to get out the door, but they got there on time.

After I dropped them off and got myself to ABP, I was suddenly gifted an extra hour of time that I would’ve normally jumped right into the gym. Since I was resting my sore body, I decided to stay in my Fortress of Solitude (aka my car) and read.

I’m sure people walking past my car wondered whether I was being a recluse or anti-social. And perhaps I was. More than anything, I needed a few moments of quiet. Next week, back to my MPC workout schedule and renewed calm to deal with life’s chaos. But I’ll still find ways to hide out in nature or in my car. It works miracles.

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