My Peak Challenge 2017

If you’ve seen me at ABP in the mornings before class or if you’ve seen my Instagram & Twitter accounts, then I’ve probably told you about My Peak Challenge. It’s part workout/nutrition and part charity, all started by Sam Heughan, aka Jamie Fraser of the Outlander TV series. Go figure it would take a celeb with a huge heart to motivate me enough for this lifestyle change.

Side plank, here we go. #mpc2017

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Like for a lot of adults, working and family consumed all of my energy, leaving little time to take care of myself. As I heard from many of my yoga teacher friends before I went down the path of teaching, there isn’t much time left for personal practice. My stress may be lower, but my physical fitness hasn’t improved. My food choices may be more conscious (feeding kids forces me to look at labels), but I haven’t been eating at max optimization.

So enter My Peak Challenge. MPC has me thinking differently about the content of my food intake. I’m even logging meals through the FitBit app, something I have been very resistant to do since it’s a PITA. It helps me see how I’m always over-doing the carbs and not eating enough protein. I’m at the gym early. I’m having fun playing on the rower and ski erg. I still suck at push-ups and am skurred of kettle bells (I will ask Matt for tips!), but having a laid out program and encouragement from so many other Peakers makes it easy to stay on track.

5 rounds of 500 m on the rower. Pooped. 😓💪🏽@mypeakchallenge #mpc2017

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I’ve run into my yoga students in the workout room, and I’m a disgusting sweaty mess when I see them. They encourage me too, as many of them are in WAY better physical shape than I am.

Part of MPC is setting a “peak” or goal for September. It doesn’t have to be physical, but some Peakers are aiming for a big climb or a 5K/10K/half marathon. I don’t know if I’ve decided what my peak will be. I don’t have any ONE thing I’m trying to accomplish. I’m more of a progress person, so for now, I’m planning different hikes at local parks. We went out to West Texas a few weeks ago and hiked at the Davis Mountains (I’ll blog about that soon), and I’m hoping we have an opportunity to go back and hike a longer trail.

If you want to follow my progress (or keep me accountable!), find me on Instagram and Twitter @findingdrishti. I’ll drop an update at the end of Month 2 as well. If you want to join the program at, know that 50% of the cost benefits Bloodwise for cancer research.

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