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Restorative Yoga Series

I’m a firm believer in balancing the hard and the soft in life. While most of my teaching schedule is vinyasa classes, I do offer a couple of classes to help students slow down each week. It’s even evident in how I teach my vinyasa classes. I try to save the entire second half of class to longer, slower stretches and a plump savasana at the end. The slower second half is JUST as important as the strength and stamina portion of the standing, heat-building postures.

In my personal practice, I’m probably 75% restorative or slow flow at this point in my life and only 25% vinyasa or bigger energy play – especially while I’m following the My Peak Challenge workouts. I need restorative yoga to keep me sane and rest my body. I need meditation to clear the excess, the negative, the hopelessness, the drama, the anger, the cobwebs and other mental hang-ups that flood my mind. Without these practices, you’d find me buried under my kids’ filth day after day, crying myself to sleep.

I was talking with a student recently who asked about how to deal with chronic pain he was feeling in his arches and his legs. As we discussed what he was experiencing, I asked about what kind of shoes he wears and what activities he does that affect his legs. His answer: Mostly flip flops, and his workouts led him to having tendinitis. He already knew the answers. He needed to give his arches a break with proper supporting shoes, and he needed to vary his workouts and include slow stretching and real rest.

So why do we do these things that cause us harm? Why are we so afraid to balance the go-go-go in our lives with something quieter and slower?

As part of Austin Bouldering Project’s Sunday Fundays in April, I’ll be leading two sessions in a four-part restorative series with my fellow yoga teacher Becca. I’ll discuss how to identify the source of our suffering and how to break out of our habitual cycles. Through various meditation techniques, breathing exercises and restorative yoga poses, we’ll work to make our minds and bodies whole again.

I’d say the poses are relatively easy, but for many students, being quiet and still will be the hardest part of practice. Come join me April 2 and 23, and Becca on April 9 and 30. These are 90-minute sessions of leisurely working your way back to YOU.

Austin Bouldering Project
Sunday Funday Restorative Series
April 2, 9, 23 and 30 at 10 am
*This series is INCLUDED with membership, punch cards and day pass.

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