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SXSW 2017: Working Moms Meet Up

It was a joy to host the Working Moms Meet Up again this year! We had a mix of moms with different children’s ages, varying work/home situations and surprisingly many within advertising and UX. I loved witnessing the little sparks when someone could completely identify with another woman’s struggle or victory.

Parenting is truly a group effort. Even if you yourself have the most amazing mother as a role model, it isn’t quite the same as sharing with someone who is currently or has recently experienced what you’re going through. Working motherhood has an extra challenge in that networking with other working moms isn’t easily accessible. Your hours are limited perhaps to only weekends and evenings. Setting up playdates with other families with kids of the same age is a rare occasion or doesn’t happen at all.

Through technology, social networks, online forums and the like, finding and maintaining strong friendships expands beyond local networks. It’s still not the same as meeting another working mom and her kiddos at the local park, but the internet can start to bridge the gap.

I look forward to continuing our conversation online with the women I met, and I hope to be back next spring for SXSW 2018!

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