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Pedernales Falls State Park

The last time my husband and I went out to Pedernales Falls State Park, we had our old dog Boo Boo with us. To get to the falls, you have to scale some pretty large boulders, and I kind of forgot how much effort it took, especially when you’re trying to get a 65-lb dog who isn’t a jumper up and over.

Eight years later, no dog but two kids… same huge boulders. It took some effort between my husband and I to pass kids over crevices to make sure no one fell into holes or moving water. It also took quite a bit of effort to keep Bear Shark from trying to jump off of boulders that were taller than him!

On our way to Twin Falls, we accidentally took a more scenic trail down the hill to the river that’s part of Trammell’s Crossing Trail. It was a fun little detour, climbing over rocks and following the natural “stairs” that led downhill, but it also meant we needed to make the hike back up to connect back to the trail with blue markers.

With recent rain, the falls were more impressive than our last visit. The Big Kid hiked with me to go check out bigger waterfalls and showed us his bouldering skills.

Bear Shark, on the other hand, mostly walked around bare chested and jumped off rocks as if he were a Power Ranger. He also collected a lot of shells in his tiny pant pockets. We counted 42 hiding in his pants.

The Big Kid announced on the way home, “This is the best day ever!” He proceeded to crash in his car seat and napped for most of the hour and a half drive home. I love taking my family to parks, hiking along trails, discussing geological formations and the importance of conservation. I always feel grounded when I’m connected with nature, and these weekend getaways have both immediate and lasting effects.

Pedernales Falls State Park
2585 Park Road 6026
Johnson City, TX 78636

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