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Amazon Treasure Truck & Thanksgiving Prep

Coming down to the wire on this NaBloPoMo post! It’s Thanksgiving week. I’m trying to stay with the blogging. This is NOT easy.

A few months back, I learned about this new shopping occasion offered by Amazon called the Treasure Truck. Austin is one of the cities to have a local team. They have the occasional super sale on one item. If you choose to jump on the deal, you have to be able to pick it up in person at a location within a small window of time. Talk about a flash sale!

This Sunday, I got a text alert that they were selling 12-lb turkeys (fresh!) for $19.90. I had a little bit of time before I needed to teach class, and the downtown location being the most south had a pick-up window of 10-11:30 am. So I purchased it through the Amazon app and got dressed to head out.

They were waiting in a parking lot with the flashy truck, bubble machine, and music. I walked up, had them zap my QR code, and they handed me my turkey in a box. While I was there, they offered a chance to win a small prize by breaking a plastic wishbone. I won!

Sometimes the deals are tech products like bluetooth headphones. Sometimes kitchen appliances – Vitamix or mini Nespresso machine. And sometimes they offer food, like a 4-lb bag of candy before Halloween or a rack of ribs with dry rub for $15.

We weren’t really planning a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (family sushi lunch was on the calendar), so I was so excited when the Treasure Truck deal came through. I have the turkey brining in the fridge, and tomorrow night, we’ll have a juicy, tender bird to share.

This is the second time I’ve made turkey for Thanksgiving, using a brine.* All the google searches say to put it in a 5 gallon bucket, but we don’t have one, and that seems super messy. So I use a brining bag (not pictured, which reminds me I need to flip the bird so the bottom gets some marinating time).

*By the way, brining poultry is the way to go for any occasion. We always do a quick brine with chicken breasts now because I manage to make the most disgusting, dry, tough, flavorless chicken breast without it. Brining has changed my poultry cooking life!

Plan for Turkey Day is to head to the park with my resistance bands and a 20-lb dumbbell to get my MPC workout done. That’ll give me time enough to get cleaned up before we head to our big family lunch. Once we’re back, I’ll get the oven heated up, rinse the bird, put all sorts of things in and around the turkey’s unmentionables and hope I have a great tasting bird in 3-ish hours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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