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Blanco State Park

A quick 1-hour drive west took us out to Blanco State Park this summer. It’s a pretty small park along a bend in the Blanco River on the south edge of town. But it was a perfect spot for a swim and a picnic.

My brother joined us for the outing, and we left in the morning before the park got crowded. We picked a spot under the shade of whatever huge trees were growing along the bank and set up our blanket and chairs. We really should invest in a portable tent shade because it got sunny really fast as soon as the sun moved over the trees. The people behind us had the right idea.

Photo by Hsubaru

For a while, our kids just sat and ate watermelon. My husband was the first to get into the river, and eventually, the Big Kid got brave enough to go in the shallow end. It’s a pretty slippery entry with algae and whatnot growing on the rocks. We were glad to have the foresight to bring floaty noodles because it gets deep pretty quickly.

Photo by Hsubaru

We stayed until it got to be too hot (early July), and the kids were tired of ants trying to eat their food. We’ll have to come back, better prepared for the moving sun. Every time we visit a state park and see the families that really make an outing of it, I learn something new. Our usual prep is just throwing water bottles, veggies/fruit, cheese, cold cuts, sunscreen, and bug spray into a bag and call it day.

Blanco State Park
101 Park Road 23
Blanco, TX 78606

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