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Creek Show 2017

Waller Creek in downtown Austin has been a work in progress the last few years. I’d heard the city wanted to make it like the Riverwalk in San Antonio, but having been in Austin for almost 20 years, I wasn’t sure how they could possibly make a run down, polluted creek look anything as nice. Well, I’m glad to see it’s getting much needed restoration work, thanks to the Waller Creek Conservancy.

This is the 4th year for Creek Show, which is a series of art installations using light. I’d never been before, so we made it a point to gather the kids and make an evening of it. The show only spans from 8th and Red River down to Easy Tiger at 6th St., so it wasn’t too long of a walk for the kids. They were giving out glow stick necklaces at the information table, which was probably the most exciting part for them.

Some of the installations are a statement to the pollution that ends up in Waller Creek and downstream into the Colorado River. When we went, they had a demo for kids to put “trash” sprinkles and “oil spills” on an example landscape to see what happens when rain water washes away pollutants from our land.

The show runs through Saturday, November 18, and other events are on the schedule like a live reading, a Monster Bash, and Closing Party. They were also handing out wristbands that give visitors to the show sweet discounts to local businesses. Check CreekShow.com for all the details.

There are parts of Waller Creek I had never walked before. I couldn’t tell you how much of that was old and had been revitalized or that was put in more recently. I’m excited by the accessibility of it to connect parts of downtown though.

Because the show ends up at Easy Tiger, we HAD to stop for some libations and giant soft pretzels. It was a fun night out with the kids!

Helpful info: We parked along 8th St. near Red River at the north end of the show. Since it was a weeknight, we had no problems finding a metered spot. There are also a number of public parking garages nearby.

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