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EAST (East Austin Studio Tour)

Man, I was on a roll with keeping up with NaBloPoMo, and then we found a new show on Hulu to binge watch (check out Future Man!) in the evenings. And then, I taught extra classes over the weekend. Well, here we are. Back on the wagon.

This past weekend was the last for the East Austin Studio Tour. Since I was teaching at ABP both Saturday and Sunday, I made it a point to walk down the street to Canopy between classes. There are so many artists housed in this space, but I mainly went there so I could see my old co-worker Kevin Munoz‘s work. He designed my Finding Drishti logo and is super talented.

I thought these laser-cut pieces of jewelry by Melissa Borrell were so intricate and delicate. I love the colors and the organic forms.

This exhibit by Susan Scafati made me feel so happy! Light and color and even smell.

Neena Buxani was the last artist I got to see before I needed to head back to work. She does this pearlized jewelry pieces and beautiful bold paintings. This one was my favorite.

Canopy was only one of the many locations as part of the EAST tour. Next year, I hope to carve out more time to walk. We have incredible artists in Austin!

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