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Mono-tasking & running out of steam

I’m finding it harder and harder to find the motivation and time to finish out NaBloPoMo, so this may or may not be my last post for the month. I think part of my challenge is that I’m getting worse at multi-tasking the older I get. The things that are already on my plate have increased in importance, and they are all very hands-on.

Back when my life was lived on a computer and in between meetings, I could have multiple browser windows and multiple projects and multiple ideas moving along, one tiny step at a time for 40+ hours a week. I mean, that was how this blog was born – in the quiet hours from when kid(s) went to sleep and when I needed to go to bed. Now that I don’t live in front of a computer ALL.DAY.LONG, I am forced to focus on my task at hand. Cleaning up messes, feeding hungry mouths, teaching yoga, practicing yoga, doing my MPC workouts, driving, so much driving.

By the end of this year, I’ll have taught 535 yoga classes. That’s at least 535 hours of guiding nearly every inhale and exhale. (One day, I should try to quantify how many breaths are taken in a yoga class. I’d guess 20 breaths/minute x 60 = 1200 breaths.) I have to stay present as much as my students since they are relying on me to take them into each pose. I’ve had the occasional brain fart, which usually stems from getting overly ambitious with my sequencing and losing my place mentally.

So maybe this is my being overly ambitious with blogging every day while keeping up with all of my other daily chores/tasks. And I’m having a brain fart.

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