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Quiet Saturday night

Day 25 of NaBloPoMo! Rambling brain dump to keep this blogging train going…


We survived endless feasts that come with visiting family and friends during Thanksgiving weekend. And the choppy sleep (let’s be honest; that’s a regular occurrence for us). Oh, and the horrendous traffic along I-35, which gets worse every year. But we made it back to Austin in one piece, ready to start a new week.

My Peak Challenge (MPC)

I managed to get both of my planned MPC workouts done, and I’m so glad I did! Neither workout took more than 60-75 minutes, which prior to this year would’ve been 60-75 minutes of grazing in the kitchen on sugary pastries while still wearing PJs. I still ate to my heart’s desire, but I didn’t feel nearly as disgusting as I normally do after social meals. I definitely felt all the binging with gurgly tummy though. My body does not tolerate mass amounts of carbs and fat like it used to. I even managed to talk my husband into doing my Friday workout with me. He complained about my destroying his legs with all the squat/lunge variations. It’s all Valbo’s fault! 😉

I decided that I’m going to finish out MPC 2017, doing two weeks of each month rather than all four. That’ll put me at a completion date of January 19 for the program. Then, I’ll jump into MPC 2018 the following Monday, which only puts me behind by a few weeks from those who start as soon as it’s released. I still don’t know what my “peak challenge” will be since I mostly wanted to try to follow through with 2017’s workout plan. I will likely do Run for the Water 5K again – it’s at least something to work toward. I’m not passionate about running though, so I want to set my sights on something else.


This whole NaBloPoMo exercise has reinvigorated my blogging muscle. Perhaps I can aim to complete one thoughtful blog post a month in 2018. That’s only 12 posts. I’ve already done… 20? 21? posts this month, so it’s not like I don’t have enough content in my brain to ramble about. Haha! I’m still kicking around a podcast idea, whether it’s interviewing students or fellow teachers or a led vinyasa or restorative practice. If anything, it might be fun to learn how to edit audio. Would anyone listen though?


Speaking of podcasts, they are my go-to audio of choice when I do my MPC workouts. I’ve long been a fan of My Dad Wrote a Porno, which just completed Season 3. Because of the abysmal state of American politics, I listen to Pod Save America to try not to crumble into a pile of despair. I feel like I need to get on the Pod Save the World wagon so I can keep up with international happenings, but at the same time, I need some light and fluffy in my life.

I always enjoy Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, although I tend to try to save these episodes for when we’re doing long drives. The husband and I enjoy them together, and there’s no foul language for the kids to pick up on if they’re awake in the car.

Christmas/Decemberween/Holiday Shopping

I’ve reached that point in my life where I desire nothing for gifts. My husband and I save for what we want, so there isn’t really a wish list. Also, we have a tiny house and don’t have any plans to move. We need LESS stuff rather than more. And even when I peruse shopping sites online and start to go down a rabbit hole of consumerism, I look at the price and decide almost instantly that it’s not a good use of money.

All I’ve asked for from the husband is stuff I’d pay for regardless of the holidays.

  1. Membership for MPC 2018
  2. A haircut with my neighbor because she’s awesome and because I really need a haircut
  3. Baby Foot peel

By the way, I had bought the Baby Foot Peel from Amazon the last two times I did it, and they were $25-ish. I found a 2-pack with matcha green tea at the Japanese store Mitsuwa for $16!! So that’s one less thing off my list.

For my kids, we (really, it’s all my husband) will be building them a clubhouse with obstacle course in the backyard. My idea – because I’m cheap – was a 3-sided structure with a roof/covering, an A-frame climbing structure, and a balance beam. The husband is taking these ideas and making them way cooler. I’m trying to keep his plans simpler before $100 in lumber turns into a $500 unfinished project where wood scraps lay around the yard.

That’s all I got for tonight. Outlander is on in less than an hour. Priorities!

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