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Texas Peaker Gathering

While this is my second year doing My Peak Challenge, I never got too involved in the community aspect. I’m juggling so many online groups and social media accounts that the best I could do to stay involved was lurk from the outskirts. When a group of Peakers gathered in Central Texas last year, I had a FOMO moment and made sure to seek out more opportunities to meet people in person.

Yesterday, I drove out to Burnet where the third Texas Peaker Gathering took place. I wanted to meet the ladies and offered to take them through an all-levels yoga practice. I’d only met one of the Peakers there in person before (Hi, Amy!). I nearly met another Peaker (Hey, Pam!), but we missed each other. Pam kindly took the group photo so I could be included, so I photoshopped her in. 😉 Everyone else was a picture and name on the internet. It was SO LOVELY to see people face-to-face!

We took our practice nice and slow, focusing on breath and grounding. I moved them through some sun salutations (which can seem like a modified yoga burpee) and warming standing poses. A little core work, hip opening, and some of my favorite yummy stretches and twists… I hope everyone got something that they needed and wanted! And of course, we ended with sweet savasana and a cool breeze on our skin.

I know a few people had expressed how nervous they were as newbies or feeling like they “suck” at yoga, but as I tell all my students, the poses aren’t the important thing. It’s all about breathing and being present.

I’m so thankful to be on this Peaker journey with them. This program has made fitness a daily habit for me and lifestyle change, and I love seeing others’ progress and transformations. MPC 2018 will be here soon, and I look forward to staying better involved.

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