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Birthday post + MPC update

Hi, Friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Life always seems to accelerate at the end of the year with holidays, parties, and a strong need to CLEAN/GET RID OF EVERYTHING before the New Year. With February 7 right around the corner, I am reminded that I am yet another year older, so I thought it’d be a good time to check back in.

The Yoga-Teaching Thing

I was so impressed with the consistency of practice among all my students throughout the holidays. Generally, class attendance becomes erratic in December due to travel and people taking time off for the holidays. But everyone was rocking it! I taught on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, and I loved the energy of the groups who came. Thank you, all, for making my job so enjoyable!

January was (predictably) very busy. 🙂 Lots of new faces, and lots of returning friendly faces as well. Unfortunately, my husband and I both came down with the flu two weeks in to the new year, and it completely knocked us down on our butts. I was sick in bed for a whole week, just to follow up with a nasty sinus infection and the grossest sounds coming out of my face. It’s been MANY years since I’ve been hit with something so bad. I subbed out a ton of classes and felt horrible about begging for help. I’m very thankful for all the teachers who were able to step in for me.

Austin Bouldering Project has been ramping up their yoga game in 2018. We came back to the studio with fresh new floors, new furniture for shoes and props, and BOLSTERS!!! It’s been two(+) amazing years teaching there. I feel like I’ve really grown as a teacher along with the growth of the ABP community. Y’all make it so fun for me to teach there.

I’m holding on to one evening class on my schedule at The 704. I’ve been there for over two years as well. My first Monday evening classes were practically private sessions as people were just starting to learn about the new class time. It was really slow going for a while, and there were a number of empty classes in the beginning. As I got to know more residents and took over classes for another teacher, attendance has steadily grown. We now have a regular group of 6-8 on average who come yoga together with their neighbors.

I save a few time slots in my schedule for private and corporate clients, and I’m grateful for my students who I get to meet on a more individualized basis. My greatest joy is seeing their journeys over time and connecting them to their practice in a much deeper way.

Wrapping up MPC2017 & starting MPC2018

The last My Peak Challenge update I shared in November, I was starting the Month 8 workouts. I was a few months behind. Once I finished Month 8, I decided to shorten months 9, 10, 11, and 12 to two weeks each instead of four so I could “complete” the 2017 program in time for when 2018 launched (this past Monday). I was determined to get through every workout that Coach Valbo wrote.

To show how dedicated I was to completing the workouts, I even ran to the gym Christmas morning after the kids opened presents and did the whole shebang. I did not skip the warm-up or any sets. I did it as prescribed, even if I had to do it slower/lighter. I kept on pace through the holidays. When they announced in January the launch date for the MPC 2018 program, I had exactly four weeks to do Month 12 in its entirety. Then, I got the flu (see above) and was out of commission, unable to breathe for two weeks.

Month 12 got cut short for those two weeks, but dangit, I was gonna finish Week 4 like my life depended on it! I forgot to take proper “before” pictures, so pic on left was from the summer in my too-small MPC shirt (why ladies fit means junior sizing makes NO sense to me). Pic in middle was the first time I noticed definition in my mid-section and dare I say abs. Pic on right was when I finished M12W4D5, sweaty and elated.

No break for me. I jumped into Y3M1W1D1 on Monday, and it’s going to kick my butt all year. I did remember to take my measurements so I can see inches lost. I don’t even use my scale anymore because the last time I weighed myself, nothing changed. I might have even gained a pound or two – ALL muscle, baby. But it’s obvious to me when I put on clothes where I’ve trimmed down and toned up. Most importantly, I feel strong. Lifting my Costco purchases and bringing them into the house is a breeze. If I got nothing else out of doing this program except feeling more capable as a Costco shopper, I think I’m fully satisfied. 😉

So that’s it from me for now. Another busy month ahead with working out, geeking out on yoga stuff, the Winter Olympics, Chinese New Year, and finding new recipes to try in our Instant Pot. If you have any good recipes, send them my way!

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