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Terri is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, who trained under the guidance of renowned Austin teacher Erinn Lewis of Sukha Yoga. She has practiced since 2007 and comes from an Ashtanga lineage, which is vigorous and structured.

Her classes meld the rigor of Ashtanga with a gentler flowing style that has intelligent sequencing and an emphasis on breath and moving meditation. Her students will feel both physically challenged and mentally clear.

Prior to teaching, she worked in the corporate world for 12 years as an account planner in advertising – an industry known for long hours, tight deadlines and frequent business travel. Her background in advertising as the consumer insights expert has made her keenly aware of students’ needs, and she approaches each class as a unique opportunity to deliver what will benefit them most in that moment. Terri is also a mother of two and recognizes the challenges of juggling working and parenthood. These experiences strongly influence the classes she creates for her students.


More about me:

  • I started practicing yoga to relieve stress that exacerbated my Graves disease. Maintaining my health is a big reason why I keep going.
  • I have practiced mostly ashtanga and vinyasa styles of yoga, yet the backs of my thighs always scream at that first forward fold.
  • I may very well practice primary series for the rest of my life. Because the other series scare me. Edit: Making attempts at intermediate series. Tackling my fear!
  • More days than not, I’m shaking in boat pose and cursing at how weak my core is along with my students. Two babies will do that!
  • I got swimmer’s ear once in a hot yoga class while in triangle pose. I’m not a fan of hot yoga. See next bullet point.
  • I sweat. I sweat a lot. I create puddles like a man.
  • My biggest yoga accomplishments to date: I practiced ashtanga right up until I went into labor with both my sons. I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my younger one for my last prenatal ashtanga class!
Sweaty 6 month prego attempt at headstand

Sweaty 6 month prego attempt at headstand with kiddo #1

Why Finding Drishti?

Much of yoga is a little nebulous and at times feels a tad unattainable for the regular person. Even the idea of finding your drishti (focal point) to steady your mind during a physical practice is a challenge.

As I got deeper into my yoga practice physically, I was seeing more connections to the emotional and philosophical sides of yoga that were surfacing in my life. They were especially evident as I went through my pregnancies and births and how I handled stress as a professional woman.

I wanted to create this blog so I could share my experiences and connect with other yogis. I’ve also become the go-to person about yoga among friends and family, so this site serves as an easy introduction to yoga and the yoga lifestyle.

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