Corporate Yoga Classes


After 12 years in the advertising agency world, Terri has spent her share of long hours in meetings, at airports, on conference calls, presenting to clients, presenting internally, navigating big egos and diving in research data. The office life can be grueling!

To counter the daily toxic grind, she turned to yoga to get reconnected with her priorities, to breathe, slow down, get focused and learn to let go of what did not serve her. Employees in the corporate world need this pause more than ever when their work does not end when they leave the office. Bringing yoga into the workplace and offering employees time to reset their nervous systems will give them tools to better manage stress and become more focused.


What is it?

  • 60-minute classes that are ideal for lunch hour or the mid-afternoon slump
  • Combination of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation
  • No previous yoga experience is required

Classes are designed specifically for:

  • Creative awakening
  • Relationship building
  • Presentation confidence
  • Stress reduction
  • Travel detox
  • Client-facing zen
  • Focus & grounding
  • Relieving sedentary aches & pains
  • Rejuvenation during the work day

2017 Pricing:

  • Minimum 1 month commitment
  • Flat rate per 60 minute session
  • Travel fee may apply
  • Rates start at $75 an hour


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