Private Yoga Instruction

Book by January 30, 2018 and receive special discounts on private individual and duo sessions. 

5% off 8 sessions, $456 ($57/session)
10% off 12 sessions, $648 ($54/session)

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Terri offers private yoga instruction in the comfort of your home with a minimum of 4 sessions for those looking for more individualized guidance. She is also available for group instruction for your private event.

Private instruction is perfect for prenatal and postnatal students, beginners and those who want to build up their confidence before attending public classes. One-on-one sessions are also great for those wanting to work on specific aspects of the practice – be it meditation, pranayama, bhandas, yoga philosophy –  and going deeper than what time allows in a public class.

From a postnatal student:

It took me a while to figure out how to express my gratitude to Terri in just words; it felt too simplistic…but I’ll try to do my best.

Terri supported me during my postpartum period. I was always amazed by her capacity for “being present” each time there with me. Our private sessions were therapeutic because of how she was totally devoted to those moments of encounter as if there was nothing else on her mind.

I felt so lost as a new mom about my new identity, my body, my “womanhood”. This tiny, beautiful little being had the power to change my world forever. With Terri’s guidance, I slowly came to understand the strength I carried inside myself. She was so transparent and true about her own experiences that I started looking at myself differently: from the inside out.

My body started to gain strength again because I was listening to my inner self. She brought peace into our home, helped me find balance in my body and connection with my soul. She took me by the hand and helped me embrace this journey of motherhood through Yoga.

I’ll be to you, Terri, forever thankful.

Alexis W., Austin, TX


From a prenatal student:

During my first pregnancy, I was interested in prenatal yoga as a way to stay balanced, feel strong, and reflect on this exciting time. I don’t usually practice yoga and after finding Terri, I decided private classes would make me feel most comfortable and I loved her philosophy.

It was a great decision. Terri is incredibly patient, kind, and empathetic. Our time together helped me with all of my goals and especially helped me to stay focused and breathe through labor. I loved all of her terrific insights and advice. It was wonderful to work with Terri during this special time!

Catherine W.,  Austin, TX

Please use the contact form below or email at if you have interest in private instruction and want to learn more.