Yoga & Pregnancy


Continuing my yoga practice throughout both of my pregnancies played such a huge part in how I felt for those 40 weeks (and then some for my younger son) and through labor & delivery. And of course, as soon as I was ready, I couldn’t wait to get back on my mat. This page gathers all of the posts for those of you looking for information about yoga and pregnancy.

Bear Shark: The Longest Birth Story Ever


9 awesome things about yoga and pregnancy

Yoga & Pregnancy: 6 things to avoid while practicing

Prenatal Yoga: How often should you practice?

All-time favorite prenatal posture: Standing down dog

Prenatal: Embrace the squat

No twisting. No jumping. No fun stuff.

Modifying with a growing belly

Is maternity yoga wear necessary?

Prenatal: Savasana on your back

Prenatal yoga for digestion

Prenatal yoga: Horse Lips

Prenatal: So many great forgotten poses

Prenatal Yoga: Dealing with low back pain

Labor & Delivery

Yoga asanas for labor

5 Yoga Tips for Birth


What to expect: Mom & Baby yoga class

Postnatal: Standing balances FTW!

Postnatal: Yoga after baby

Postnatal: The elusive mula bandha

Postnatal: 6 poses for new moms

Fitting in yoga with breastfeeding

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